Halloween Competition: Watch to Win a Chocolate Hamper

Halloween competition: Fancy winning one of five chocolate hampers from Thorntons?

As part of the Webloyalty Halloween research release, we are sharing with you some interviews we filmed about the UK’s plans for this week’s spooky celebration. To win you just have to concentrate!

Watch our Halloween VoxPop video carefully, then answer this question for your chance to win:

Competition Question:

What will this person dress as this Halloween? Answer to win!


What is this gentleman planning to dress up as for Halloween?


Answer privately using the contact form below!

Win a chocolate hamper from Webloyalty - a Halloween competition on webloyaltyuk.comIf you liked the VoxPop video, you may also enjoy the Webloyalty Halloween animation!

About the Prize

There a 5 luxury Thorntons chocolate hampers up for grabs!

Each hamper contains:

  • Classics Milk Signature (276g)
  • Original Special Toffee Box (525g)
  • Chocolate Smothered Toffi Chocs (135g)
  • Classics Milk, White & Dark Bag (106g)
  • Classics Milk Caramel Bag (103g)
  • Classics Luxury Dinner Mint Bag (105g)
  • Vanilla Fudge Bag (140g)

How to Enter

Competition Terms and Conditions

  • The prizes: 5 x A Taste of Thorntons chocolate hampers
  • UK entrants only
  • Entrants must be aged 18 or over
  • Entrants must watch the video, then answer the question through the contact form, and share on Facebook and/or Twitter
  • Competition runs from Thursday 30th October and closes at 23:59 on Monday 3rd November
  • Five winners will be chosen at random and notified on Thursday 6th November, and must respond within 48 hours, or another winner may be chosen
  • Winners’ names may be shared on the Webloyalty UK blog
    otherwise the prize may be awarded to another entrant

Halloween 2014 Stats: a Webloyalty Summary

What’s in store for Halloween 2014?

We have recently released a Halloween research report, and here is a summary of the findings. View and download the full report here.

A growing market

Halloween 2014 could mean big business for retailers. We estimate that last year consumers spent £421m on all aspects of the celebration from costumes to sweets. This year, growing consumer interest means that spend is likely to be £443m, a growth of around 5.2%.

Beyond sweets and chocolate

While traditionally Halloween was about buying sweets and chocolate for trick or treaters, the commercial opportunity is now far wider. Indeed, the biggest segment of the market – worth around £148m for Halloween 2014 – is clothing and costumes. Other areas too, such as entertainment and stationery, have grown rapidly.

The majority celebrates

The scale of the market is underpinned by the fact that Halloween is now a mainstream celebration in which almost 65% of UK consumers participate in some way. The most popular activity is to give out sweets to trick or treaters, which over a quarter of people do.

Animation for Halloween 2014 stats from Webloyalty

A still from the Webloyalty Halloween animation: http://goo.gl/hlWUvi

A commercial opportunity

Despite the fact that people celebrate Halloween, a majority (63.2%) believes that it is not a real festival but a commercial opportunity. Moreover, almost 42% thinks that Halloweeen is overshadowing traditional British celebrations such as Bonfire Night.

Trick or treat less popular

Although Halloween as a whole is popular, people are less happy with trick or treating. Over half say they won’t open the door to trick or treaters while just 4.6% will open the door, but only to tell them to go away. A more generous 42.4% will give sweets and 2.6% will give money.

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Most Popular Halloween Costumes 2014: according to our poll

What’s your Halloween costume of choice?

This is what we asked our blog visitors, and they answered! I don’t know what you’re Halloween plans are, but you may want to stock up on fake blood, peeling skin, and torn clothing when you hear..

The most popular Halloween costume for 2014 is….

The Zombie!

Zombie is the most popular Halloween costume for 2014

“Zombie Apocalypse”, Courtesy of Pascal, Creative Commons: http://goo.gl/DTM2mC

(This is the least horrific pic we could source…)

Below is a breakdown of the votes that were cast as part of the Halloween competition we ran on the Webloyalty blog:

Popular Halloween Costumes for 2014 - a Webloyalty breakdown

Click to see a larger image

If you are interested in what people are planning for this Halloween, next Friday, then head over to our full research report, or see the animation below for the key findings:

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Over half of us won’t open the door to trick-or-treaters..

According to our latest Webloyalty research report, released today, over half of UK consumers won’t open the door to trick-or-treaters this Halloween! Will you?

Webloyalty's Halloween research looks at Trick or Treating

Image from Webloyalty’s Halloween report: http://goo.gl/ovKZhI

It looks like most of the UK seems to be dreading the idea of having unwelcome spooky visitors knocking on their door next week, but that won’t stop children trying their best!

You can view the full Webloyalty Halloween report here, and we hope you enjoy this animation with key findings:

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Halloween Infographic looking at attitudes and predicted spend

A Halloween Infographic from Webloyalty

Feel free to click on the image to see a larger Halloween infographic.

Webloyalty produced a Halloween infographic looking at attitudes and spend on this holiday

This infographic from Webloyalty highlights some interesting findings from our recent research into Halloween attitudes and spending. Join the conversation at @WebloyaltyUK on Twitter!

Accompanied by a Halloween Animation…

If you want a bit more detail, but in easily digestible chunks, here is an animation we produced to highlight the most interesting results from the Webloyalty research into Halloween plans and spend.

What are your plans this Halloween? Did you like this Halloween infographic? Let us know your thoughts on Twitter or comment.

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