Travel Photography Competition from Webloyalty!

Webloyalty’s Travel Photography Competition!

To coincide with the upcoming release of our travel research report, Digital Destinations, Webloyalty is running a photography competition for your chance to win a great prize! Share your most unique travel photograph for your chance to win a £50 gift card of your choice as well as a Lonely Planet guide!

How to enter

All you need to do is share a picture on Webloyalty’s Twitter or Webloyalty’s Facebook & follow/like us to enter! The most unique or creative will win the prize. Please, no funny business…!

The prize

The winner can choose a £50 gift card and Lonely Planet guide of their choice!

Enter Webloyalty's travel photography competition!
Image from the Guardian:

Terms & Conditions

  • The prize: a £50 gift card and a Lonely Planet guide
  • UK entrants only (If you’re from Ireland we have a similar competition for you here)
  • Entrants must be aged 18 or over
  • Entrants must share a travel photograph with Webloyalty UK on Facebook ( and/or Twitter ( and follow Webloyalty on one or both of these channels
  • Competition runs from Monday 20th April and closes at 23:59 on Friday 29th May
  • The winner will be chosen at random and notified on Tuesday 2nd June, and must respond within 24 hours, or another winner may be chosen
  • The name of the winner may be shared on the Webloyalty UK blog

Photo credits: Anthony Oxley. All rights reserved.

Ecommerce Top Tip: Offer Delivery Options

Should you think about delivery options?

With so many factors adding to the success of your ecommerce site, you’d think that delivery options may not be top of the list.

Think again!

With 66% of shoppers claiming that free delivery is most important when choosing where to buy, and the figure of 50% abandoning purchases due to inadequate delivery options, it should be at the very top of your list. Continue reading Ecommerce Top Tip: Offer Delivery Options

Connected Consumer: the shift of power Video Transcript

Connected Consumer: the shift of power

This video from Webloyalty features Guy Chiswick and Ross Tulloch as they discuss the shift of power from retailer to consumer.

Guy Chiswick: “Looking at the Connected Consumer report from Webloyalty, we can see that retailers have a lot to contend with now. The power shift from the retailer to the consumer has happened, and the consumer now controls that experience. The retailers who succeed will be the ones that address their consumers’ needs and put them at the heart of what they’re building and how they do it.

“We look at how, why, where and when people use connected devices as part of the shopping cycle.

“The challenge is you have a longer process to engage with but you have to deliver a seamless experience across all of the touch points you provide”

Ross Tulloch: “The connected consumer tends to connect with retailers via their website. This might be to simply find out where their local store is, it might be to send them an email, it might be to call them up, but again via different devices they are able to connect with the retailer”

Guy Chiswick from Webloyalty discusses the shift of power“The purchase funnel hasn’t changed – the consumers still shop in the same way that they did, which is, they’ll browse, they’ll research, they’ll buy, they’ll receive the goods, they’ll take the goods back if needs be, but they’re doing it in a digital environment where, again, they can do it when they want to.” ~ Guy Chiswick, Webloyalty

“They can now do their research through a global collection of people who have the product and they can price compare now, not just against your store competitors but across a whole online community. The world has just become increasingly complex because you as a retailer aren’t just competing against your competitors in a ten mile radius, but with a global audience that people can access through their desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet, when it suits them, how they want.”

Ross Tulloch from Webloyalty discusses the shift of power“In order to engage with the connected consumer, retailers should think about things like putting reviews on their website. My background is in the travel space and I saw Trip Advisor do this very effectively a number of years ago, and I think it was very empowering for customers, to feel they understood a lot more about what they were purchasing.” ~ Ross Tulloch, Webloyalty

Guy: “One of the things we looked at was the distance that the connected consumer would have to take if they were purchasing offline, in store. We got that down to about 7 miles that they used to do, whilst walking around from store to store, getting to and from the place, going back because they didn’t have the item that they wanted and so on. That seven miles now equates to a significant saving in time that would have been spent before, but also in petrol, and the cost it would have been to put fuel in the car to get them there.

“So the seven miles that was spent by the non-connected consumer travelling two and from the stores actually equates to 198 million miles when you look at all the consumers in the UK which when you break that down into cost of petrol is £32 million in petrol. So not only is a connected consumer doing it on their time and when they choose to, but they’re also saving a significant amount of money in terms of getting to and from the store.

“On average customers are using about five different tools on their purchase journey. So this could be anything from a price comparison site they use to check the price, to a review site where they’re finding out what people think about it, to a retailer’s website.

“Interestingly, a lot of people are still using traditional catalogues, which are very popular with pure play retailers, who want to get something into people’s hands, who want to get their brand through the letterbox. So it’s interesting to see that those traditional channels are still very strong. On the flip side, we found that only around about 4% of people are using social media as part of that purchase cycle. So there is a lot of chatter about it in the press, but we’re not seeing that come through in the report.”


The Connected Consumer Report

You can view the full report on the Webloyalty site.

Easter Competition from Webloyalty UK

Thank you for your interest, but this competition is now closed. For more comps, follow @WebloyaltyUK

Enter our Easter Competition!

In a break from our normal feed about e-commerce and retail news, we’re bringing our followers a treat! To celebrate the release of the Connected Consumer report, we are giving away a box of chocolate-y goodness. If you can find the ‘Happy Easter’ message in our latest video series, you’ll be in with a chance of winning.

Easter competition from Webloyalty - enter for your chance to win!

How to enter

You have to locate the hidden Happy Easter! message in the video below, and use the contact form below to say what time it pops up, for example 0m23s or 0:23. Please do not share the answer publicly.

Watch very carefully or you may miss it… tweet us for a clue..

So… when does the Happy Easter! message appear?

The prize

There is one big Webloyalty prize, and it contains:

  • A milk chocolate “Happy Easter” egg
  • A duck egg soft toy
  • A milk chocolate “Harry Hopalot” bunny
  • A Fudge Brownie chocolate square
  • A milk chocolate bunny lolly
  • A “Smiles” packet of white chocolate buttons
  • A milk chocolate mouse with vanilla centre
  • Chocolate mini-eggs (from Tiger)
  • A Webloyalty mobile phone stand
  • 3 Webloyalty pens

Unless otherwise stated, all chocolate products are from Thorntons.

Terms and Conditions

  • The prize: an Easter collection of treats, as listed above
  • UK entrants only
  • Entrants must be aged 18 or over
  • Entrants must watch the video, then answer the question through the contact form, and share on Facebook and/or Twitter
  • Competition runs from Friday 20th March and closes at 23:59 on Monday 30th March
  • The winner will be chosen at random and notified on Tuesday 31st March, and must respond within 24 hours, or another winner may be chosen
  • The name of the winner may be shared on the Webloyalty UK blog

This competition is now closed. Thank you for your interest.

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