5 Websites with First Class Mobile User Experience

Our Director of Mobile Michelle hand picks her top five websites and apps that have blazed a trail with their high standards of mobile user experience. Michelle is passionate mobile product & marketing enthusiast, living in Switzerland.  As Director of Mobile Marketing for Webloyalty, she has channeled this passion into driving better performance and engagement through mobile channels for her global partners & clients.  She also likes cats. 1. ASOS   It is not surprising that a clothes retailer aimed [...]

2018-05-15T11:17:11+00:00 15th May 2018|Mobile|

Advertising as a secondary revenue option.

Traditionally, companies have used paid advertising as a way to promote their own stock and convince the consumer that what they were selling was worth buying. And while that’s still the case, the advent of internet retail has turned advertising on its head to become a potential source of secondary revenue, rather than cost, for retailers. Turning a Profit As the head of London-based media consultancy and advisory service Colman Media, Stuart Colman is well aware of the opportunity that [...]

2018-04-05T15:18:58+00:00 10th April 2018|Beyond the Core|

The 10th digital Innovation: Amazon Dash

Modest sales of the Dash Button device during its introductory year in 2015 have given way to a landslide of purchases, as 2016 registered a stagger 650% rise in its sales. 2017, however, has seen Amazon build on the Dash to further interweave consumers’ homes with its own smart home technology. The armoury of smart home devices offered by the mammoth e-commerce retailer breed a trusting and deep relationship between the company and its consumers, as Amazon becomes more integrated [...]

2018-04-05T15:20:47+00:00 6th April 2018|Digital Retail Innovation|

Jaguar In-car Payment System, Digital Innovation Number Nine

Modern life comes with modern conveniences. Thanks to Jaguar’s digital innovation, drivers of (some of) their cars are now able to head to a Shell petrol station and pay for their gas without having to wait behind customers buying magazines, coffee, or crisps. The Jaguar in-car payment system has arrived. Put it on the Plastic Jaguar’s in-car payment system works via the vehicle’s infotainment system on the dashboard. The infotainment touchscreen allows drivers to accept the price of the petrol [...]

2018-04-05T15:17:07+00:00 4th April 2018|Digital Retail Innovation|

Affiliates: A Growing Source of Secondary Revenue

The internet has been the source of both destruction and creation for retail. While signalling the end for many traditional brick-and-mortar stores, unable or unwilling to keep pace with the digital revolution, the internet has also brought about the rise of ecommerce, where consumers can enjoy increased choice and retailers are able to compete for a share of the larger market. In this the online environment, profit margins are squeezed and retailers are stretched. With such a large playing field, [...]

2018-04-05T15:18:42+00:00 27th March 2018|Secondary revenue|
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