Halloween Infographic looking at attitudes and predicted spend

A Halloween Infographic from Webloyalty

Feel free to click on the image to see a larger Halloween infographic.

Webloyalty produced a Halloween infographic looking at attitudes and spend on this holiday

This infographic from Webloyalty highlights some interesting findings from our recent research into Halloween attitudes and spending. Join the conversation at @WebloyaltyUK on Twitter!

Accompanied by a Halloween Animation…

If you want a bit more detail, but in easily digestible chunks, here is an animation we produced to highlight the most interesting results from the Webloyalty research into Halloween plans and spend.

What are your plans this Halloween? Did you like this Halloween infographic? Let us know your thoughts on Twitter or comment.

Webloyalty research shown through Halloween animation

With the latest Webloyalty research coming out very soon, we’ve produced a Halloween animation highlighting the key findings!

Halloween animation from Webloyalty

1. What will you do if trick or treaters knock on your door?

  • 42.4% will give trick or treaters chocolate or sweets
  • 2.6% will give trick or treaters money
  • 4.6% will open the door, but tell them to go away
  • 50.4% won’t open the door to trick or treaters
Webloyalty UK Halloween animation

This image is from the Webloyalty Halloween animation: http://goo.gl/EqVTfS

2. Which things do you plan to buy this Halloween?

  • 16.5% plan to buy a pumpkin
  • 20.8% plan to buy Halloween themed sweets or chocolate
  • 33.5% plan to buy regular sweets or chocolate
  • 43% plan to buy nothing special
Webloyalty Halloween animation looking at spending and behaviour

This still is from the Webloyalty Halloween animation: http://goo.gl/EqVTfS

3. How much do you think you will spend on Halloween this year?

  • 12.4% plan to spend between £5 and £10
  • 22.7% plan to spend under £5
  • 46% plan to spend nothing!

Halloween animation how much do you plan to spend

4. What is your opinion of ‘trick or treating’?

  • 16.2% don’t mind the idea of trick or treating
  • 28.5% think that trick or treating is a fun tradition for children
  • 29.7% think that trick or treating is dangerous for children
  • 32.4% think it’s a nuisance to provide sweets for trick or treaters

Opinions of trick or treating at Halloween on the Webloyalty blog

5. Where will you be doing  your Halloween shopping this year?

  • 2.4% will shop mainly online this Halloween
  • 26% will shop mainly in-store this Halloween

Shopping instore more popular than online this Halloween, according to WebloyaltyThe Webloyalty Halloween research report will be out very soon, but in the mean time, why not see our other Halloween posts below, or… join the conversation on Twitter @WebloyaltyUK

5 of the most creative pumpkin carvings for Halloween

Five great pumpkin carvings for 2014

We’ve scoured the web to find these great pumpkin carvings.. but how do they stack up to yours?

1. Pumpkin within a pumpkin..

This is a great one to try and replicate, an shows some creativity. It’s not reliant on the light coming from within either. Warning: You may need a variety of different pumpkins of varying sizes!

Image found on This Old House: http://goo.gl/q2nOMy

Image found on This Old House: http://goo.gl/q2nOMy

2. A pumpkin for Marvel fans

This one looks very tricky, and relies on getting the depth of the cut just right, to give those extra layers of colour. Do you think you could do it? Try the Ironman pumpkin this Halloween!

Ironman Pumpkin Carving on the Webloyalty blog

Image found at Odd Stuff: http://goo.gl/ZjCRgO

3. The spooky forest pumpkin

This one is beautiful, but looks like it may take a bit of time, and possibly should be reserved for those who have a little experience with pumpkin carvings already… the spooky forest:

5 best pumpkin carvings for Halloween on the Webloyalty blog

We found this on Babble: http://goo.gl/2AlNez

4. Another spooky forest…

I think it’s pretty much decided that all forests are spooky, and therefore make a great theme for pumpkin carvings!

We found this on Odd Stuff http://goo.gl/ujFNlW

We found this on Odd Stuff http://goo.gl/ujFNlW

5. A cheeky neighbour

This one made the list not because of its creativity, but for the simple cleverness of it. Of course you don’t want to give lots of treats away to trick-or-treaters! This is the perfect solution:

We found this in an Old House: http://goo.gl/FUJDX7

We found this in an Old House: http://goo.gl/FUJDX7

What do you think of these? If you have any more to share, or any stories like this one about the man who is growing Frankenmonster-shaped pumpkins, feel free to share! We will soon be releasing very exciting research into what the UK is planning for Halloween, so just watch. this. space.

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Are Retailers set for a Happy Halloween?

A Happy Halloween can be expected for retailers, as people flock to the shops for goodies related to the festival at the end of this month. Our soon to be released Halloween research reveals this news.

A Happy Halloween all round

Looking in depth at consumer spend around Halloween, and backed up by a survey to UK consumers, Webloyalty has revealed what people are planning to spend this year on the festival:

Happy Halloween for retailers - total spend - Webloyalty UK

It looks like over half of us plan to spend at least some money on having a happy Halloween, whether this means costumes and parties or simply sweets for passing trick-or-treaters.

How much would you spend on Halloween?

The research reveals that the average amount people to plan on spending this year on Halloween is £10.77… but how does this tally up with what you’ve got planned this year? Comment below with your Halloween plans!

The news has already been picked up in the online magazine Economic Voice.

Halloween on the Webloyalty blog

Halloween image courtesy of Aftab Uzzaman, Creative Commons http://goo.gl/dcw4D5

Our Happy Halloween competition!

If you’re yet to buy your costume for this year, head over to our Halloween competition for your chance to win a £50 fancy dress giftcard! Hurry – the competition closes on Monday 20th October.

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Competition: What is your Halloween costume of choice?

Our Halloween Costume Competition!

In the run up to the release of Webloyalty’s research into Halloween spending, we are running a competition! We want to know YOUR Halloween costume of choice, for your chance to win a £50 gift certificate from FancyDress.com, in time for Halloween!Webloyalty Halloween Costume of Choice Competition 2014

What’s the prize?

The prize is a whopping £50 gift card to spend at FancyDress.com, so you can get your Halloween costume in time for the 31st!

What's your Halloween costume of choice for 2014?

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How to enter

Every entrant has to answer the poll above. If your choice isn’t listed please comment on this blog post. THEN…

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Competition Terms and Conditions

  • The prize: a £50 gift card to spend at FancyDress.com
  • UK entrants only
  • Entrants must be aged 18 or over
  • Entrants must answer the poll or make a blog comment, then follow and share on Facebook and/or Twitter
  • Competition runs from Tuesday 30th September and closes at 23:59 on Monday 20th October
  • Winner will be chosen at random and notified on Tuesday 21st October, and must respond within 48 hours, or another winner may be chosen
  • Winner name may be shared on the Webloyalty UK blog
    otherwise the prize may be awarded to another entrant

Thanks to Randy Pertiet for his gorgeous picture of a Pirate puppy.

Thanks to David Barker for his Halloween costumes pic.

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