ECommerce Bytes: Jude Law, Amazon Wallet and Retail Spend

Webloyalty’s ECommerce Bytes series is for those who would like a quick peek at the past week in online retail. Here are the headlines:

Jude Law features in Johnnie Walker / Mr Porter e-commerce video

Jude Law stars in e-commerce film for Johnnie Walker

Johnnie Walker has teamed up with Mr Porter to produce a short e-commerce film, featuring Jude Law. In this short film, titled The Gentleman’s Wager, the actors are seen enjoying the whiskey, and then acting out a dance scene. Worth a watch!

We found this story on Marketing Week.

Is the retail channel dead?

Retail Bites - Consumer Confidence Levels July 2014

Over on E Commerce Times this week is a discussion about retail and the importance of omnichannel. Many retailers are still to realise that it is integral to their business to allow consumers a variety of touch-points, so they can choose how they shop. As Amazon’s Fire phone starts to make its way into the hands of consumers, the way we browse for products may change forever.

“Retailers are starting to accept the complementary role e-commerce and m-commerce play in the sales process, but now it is time for them to fully embrace and integrate these various strategies” ~ E Commerce Times

Amazon Wallet to compete with PayPal

Amazon Wallet to rival e-commerce payment giant PayPal

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It looks like Amazon has joined in the battle of payment dominance, as they are soon to release the Amazon Wallet, a card reader which can attach to a smartphone. This could mean a big rivalry between PayPal and Amazon, and one to watch. From the Guardian.

Retailers look to traditional media as online advertising rates rise

Google AdWords rates rise and retailers reconsider options

Courtesy of CMO Sync:

It looks like some retailers are realising the benefit of omnichannel, and in particular for some – taking spend away from online advertising and putting it back into traditional. As digital advertising rates rise, though still lower in absolute than traditional media, retailers are reconsidering their approach.

“On-the-mobile ad rates have increased even more as people have suddenly woken up to the potential that mobile (commerce) offers” ~ Ravi Vora, Flipkart

You can read the full story on Livemint.

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Meet the Retail Experts behind the Innovations Report

Digital Retail Innovations from Webloyalty UK

Meet the retail experts…

Here are the twelve retail experts who deliberated on a long list of digital retail innovations, to lead to the publication of the Retail Insider Digital Retail Innovations report.

Retail Expert Peter Williams on the Webloyalty blogPeter Williams Webloyalty UK Blog Twitter Icons


Peter holds a variety of positions including the chairman’s role at, Mister Spex, and OfficeTeam. He is also a non-executive director at Rightmove, Cineworld Group, Sportech and is a trustee of the Design Council. 

John BovillRetail Experts John Bovill from Monsoo

IT and e-commerce director, Monsoon and Accessorize

John joined Monsoon Accessorize in July 2013 as a member of the operational board, with responsibility for the full e-commerce P&L as well as the digital and technology strategy.

Retail Experts Martin Newman from PracticologyMartin Newman Webloyalty UK Blog Twitter Icons

CEO, Practicology

Martin has been involved with multi-channel retail for more than 25 years – presently at strategic consultancy Practicology, which he founded. This followed a variety of roles that included head of e-commerce for both Burberry and Ted Baker, interim director of e-commerce for Pentland Brands, and head of marketing for Harrods’ home shopping division.

Craig Smith Webloyalty UK Blog Twitter IconsRetail Experts Craig Smith from Marks and Spencer on the Webloyalty Blog

E-commerce programme manager, M&S

Craig is currently responsible for leading the digital transformation in-store at M&S. Previously worked with several large multi-channel retailers including Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Michaels Stores in the US. Also runs the popular retail innovation website

Retail Experts Sheila Buckley from Digital Avenue - Webloyalty BlogSheila Buckley Webloyalty UK Blog Twitter Icons

Founder, Digital Avenue

Sheila set up Digital Avenue in 2012 and has a broad client base including RTE Digital, Littlewoods Ireland, Market Match and Brand Alley UK focusing on CRM, data and e-commerce business development. She has held many senior roles in the telecoms and retail sectors including head of online product development at O2 Telefonica and head of online for CPW Ireland.

Scott Weavers-WrightScott Weavers-Wright - founder of Haatch - Retail Experts

Founder, Haatch

Scott launched new business venture, Haatch, in September 2013 as an incubator focusing on investments within the e-commerce and digital space. Previously founder and CEO of before it was sold to Morrisons’s where he held the position of non-food managing director and chief architect of

Retail Experts panel - Paul Wilkinson Tesco - WebloyaltyPaul Wilkinson Webloyalty UK Blog Twitter Icons

IT specialist in research, Tesco

Paul has the job of finding the best technology out there to make life easier – for Tesco customers and colleagues. His remit is to help people experience the future today as technology changes the way they shop. This involves dealing with the likes of Microsoft and Google as well as start-ups and then bringing back ideas to Tesco and figuring out how to make them work for the company.

Daniel LuchtDaniel Lucht Retail Experts Research Farm - Webloyalty Blog

Global research director, Research Farm

Daniel leads a team of analysts and consultants, with a remit that includes developing strategic content and new revenue streams, as well as corporate planning. Daniel has over a decade of experience analysing the sector and identifying latest industry trends, working
with FMCG companies and retailers such as Tesco, Nestle and Disney.

Joe Tarragano one of the Retail Experts for Webloyalty reportJoe Tarragano Webloyalty UK Blog Twitter Icons

Director, Transform UK

Joe leads the retail practice at management consultancy Transform, working with a number of major retailers including Argos, Homebase, Tesco and Debenhams on their digital transformations and how they embed innovation and customer-centred thinking into their businesses.

David SmithDavid Smith from GS1 Retail Experts Webloyalty UK

Digital solutions manager, GS1 UK

David joined GS1 UK in June 2013 to develop and lead their digital retail engagement strategy. Prior to that he spent a year with the GLD Group developing their online retail strategies for a number of their clothing and footwear brands including Addict, Superga, Amplified Clothing and Kappa.

Spencer Izard from Retail Insights on the Webloyalty blogSpencer Izard Webloyalty UK Blog Twitter Icons

European head, IDC Retail Insights

Spencer manages IDC Retail Insights across Europe, providing advisory services, research, and consulting to end-user organisations and IT vendors operating in, and serving, the retail sector across Europe and globally.

Elisa Cecilli Webloyalty UK Blog Twitter IconsElisa Cecilli from Portland Design on the Webloyalty blog

Head of strategic insights, Portland Design

Elisa currently heads up the strategic insights division of Portland Design where she has been since September 2013. Other roles have included innovation researcher at GDR Creative Intelligence and trend researcher at Canvas8.

These twelve retail experts helped shape the Digital Retail Innovation report, which you can view here:

You can read more about the methodology, or watch the video series with retail experts discussing the results of the report:

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The Digital Retail Innovations Report: Methodology

What is the methodology behind the Digital Retail Innovations Report?

This article is to explain the workings behind the recently released Digital Retail Innovations Report by Retail Insider, sponsored by Webloyalty.

Following consultation with a broad selection of individuals across the retail industry – encompassing analysts, senior retailers, researchers, and IT specialists – a long list of digitally-driven innovations was drawn up.

Webloyalty Retail Innovation Videos Play All

During this process, and deliberations with some individuals on the Advisory Panel, this list was reduced down to 45 innovations from the UK and Ireland and an additional 10 from overseas.

The scoring process

Each innovation on the list was then scored privately by members of the Advisory Panel on four criteria:

Each criteria was scored out of a possible 20 by each Panel member for each innovation, which created a total score out of 960.

Collation of these scores helped create four tables, based on each of the criteria, as well as a table for the all-important overall score. You can view the full Digital Retail Innovations report here:

Digital Retail Innovations from Webloyalty UK

The final result

The final report contains a separate Top 15 table for each of these four criteria as well as Top 45 for the overall score. In addition there is a Top 10 table for the overall score attributed to the overseas innovations. You can see the result below.

The Digital Retail Innovations Report

We also created some videos to accompany the research. Talking in detail about five brands that are ranked highly, these discussions delve deeper into the world of digital innovation in retail.

The Digital Retail Innovations Videos

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View & download the Digital Retail Innovations Report here

Revealing the Top Digital Retail Innovations of 2014

From 45 digital retail innovations…

Google Glass takes the top spot

Digital Retail Innovations Google Glass Top - Webloyalty UK

Image Courtesy of WarCom

Google Glass was ranked at the top of the Digital Retail Innovations Report, by Retail Insider. Continue reading

IKEA Webloyalty Report innovations

Retail Innovation Video: IKEA Augmented Reality App

Is the IKEA Augmented Reality app a retail innovation?

Image courtesy of Wired:

Image courtesy of Wired:

In a nutshell, IKEA has introduced an augmented reality app, which allows customers to use the catalogue to see how items would fit and look inside their own home. This is after research revealing that many of us are not sure about the dimensions of our own home, and many returns are processed as a result.

In the recent report by Retail Insider, titled Digital Retail Innovations Report 2014, this innovation from IKEA has not only ranked in the Potential Influence Across The Sector and Potential Benefit to Customers categories, but also came 9th overall in the report.

Discussing IKEA’s innovation

Discussing IKEA’s Augmented Reality app, Transform’s Joe Tarragano and Retail Insider’s Glynn Davis agree that this is both great for consumers and for the retailer. For IKEA, this app brings opportunities to up- and cross-sell, at the time of browsing, as well as possibly reducing returns as customers have more awareness of what they are buying, and how it will fit into their homes. For customers, not only is the app quite fun to play around with, but it’s also a great way to have a look at the furniture as it would appear. As these are potentially quite large scale, and high price, items, it gives the customer some reassurance at point of browsing.

What do the speakers think?

Picture courtesy of Transform UK.

Picture courtesy of Transform

“I think the market share that IKEA has means that augmented reality is going to get some real exposure with consumers. I also think it’s a good thing in terms of reigniting the life of the catalogue”

~ Joe Tarragano, Transform

Retail Insider Glynn Davis on the Webloyalty blog“You can mix and match products, which suggests that there’s a greater opportunity for sales from IKEA’s point of view. The consumer has then got the inspirational aspect”

~ Glynn Davis, Retail Insider

The Digital Retail Innovations Report

You can see the full report on the Webloyalty website, follow @WebloyaltyUK for updates, or view all five videos below.

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