Will you be using Sony’s underwater apps?

What! An underwater app?

If your phone knew it was underwater - apps from Sony

That’s right. You didn’t misread that title. Sony really has released some mobile apps specifically designed to be used under water. Here is one of the apps, Plantimal, in the new Sony Xperia advert:

Sony underwater apps - Plantimal - Webloyalty blog

So many questions now, like What? Why? Why? Why? Why?, but perhaps the underwater apps are actually just a genius way of showcasing their new waterproof phone, the Sony Xperia Z1S.

The most popular underwater app will probably be the submarine game, which reacts to how you move the phone in the water. It’s strange to think that you may have people sitting around texting and gaming even at the swimming pool, as well as everywhere else:

Underwater apps games from Sony Xperia on the Webloyalty blog

Not only do the apps show how ‘cool’ the new phone is, but they positively encourage you to put them under water. For example, who could refuse this little fish, named Goldie, the chance to swim?

Underwater apps from Goldie on the Webloyalty blog

If your phone knew it was underwater, what could you do?

Sony has released a series of videos surrounding the underwater apps idea, including the fish and the plant. These are funny, lighthearted and simple. They clearly show that this phone is indestructible by water, and that you could have a lot of fun.

Here are the videos for the Sony underwater apps, so you can see for yourself how it all works:

A statement from Sony:

“Our engineers invented new technology to let our phones know when they’re underwater. Our artists created a suite of Underwater Apps that shows what our phones can do underwater. Play with them, practice and have fun!”

What do you think of these underwater apps? It’s an impressive marketing campaign, but does it tempt you to buy a Sony Xperia?

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