Virgin Holidays: Bringing holidays to life with their latest retail innovation

Selling an experience has always been more challenging than selling a product. With an experience, there is nothing to hold and feel, no way to try before you buy. But Virgin Holidays, with the help of design experience company, YourStudio, is reinventing the way that holidays are sold on the high street with a retail innovation. This productive partnership has created a fully immersive retail experience for consumers to offer a comprehensive and exciting try before you buy experience for [...]

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Finding the formula for successful customer retention strategies

  Richard Piper, our Business Development Director discusses two fundamental but contrasting strategies: the retention of loyal customers versus the acquisition of new ones.       We all know that repeat purchasers spend more and generate larger transactions, yet retailers spend far less time on retaining existing customers. If retailers are to find buoyancy and generate constant revenue in the modern retail market, retention should be placed above acquisition. But the hyper-competitive retail landscape throws up many challenges to consumer faithfulness. Among [...]

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Webloyalty Presents: Inside Streetbees, a consumer intelligence start-up like no other

Ahead of the release of this year’s Digital Retail Innovation Report from Retail Insider in partnership with Webloyalty, we look back at some of the stars of the 2018’s edition to remind ourselves of some of the digital tools changing the face of retail. We spoke to Co-Founder of Streetbees Oliver May to understand how traditional market research is being turned on its head through the application of machine learning and natural language processing to understand customer opinions. Streetbees is [...]

2019-03-26T14:05:02+00:00 26th March 2019|Digital Retail Innovation|

Define your loyalty model before you measure it

Consumer loyalty is worth its weight in gold in the retail industry. However, as explored in our latest Unfaithful Consumer 2 report, consumer loyalty is becoming more complex as discerning consumer priorities evolve. Today’s digitally-connected consumers are primed to comparison shop, making it challenging to drive repeat purchase and on-going customer engagement. As Webloyalty research shows, most retail sectors have loyalty rates of less than 50%. In addition, 42.1% of food and grocery customers and 39.1% of those shopping for [...]

2019-02-06T13:26:28+00:00 6th February 2019|Loyalty|

Subscription Services: The Key to Customer Loyalty?

  Richard Piper, our Business Development Director discusses the thriving sector of subscription based services and how offering a paid for loyalty programme can drive customer retention.     The question all retailers ask themselves, what is the key to customer loyalty? Cultivating long term relationships with your customers is vital to the success of most businesses. However consumer loyalty to brands is tumbling across the sector with over 60% of consumers shopping around at more retailers than they were five years ago, [...]

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