The Consumer Purchase Funnel: from browsing to buying

This week the Webloyalty team discusses the consumer’s path to purchasing online after having reviewed some research that showed that the rapid growth of digital retail channels is slowing down the shopping process in the fashion retail sector.Webloyalty Research: Types of Consumers Fingers_On_Keys

from browsing to buying

The total length of time taken from browsing to collection of a fashion item has increased from 0.5 days in 2002 to 3.4 days in 2012 as a result of the huge choice of shopping destinations now available to fashion shoppers. With the increase in time duration comes an increasing cost to retailers via the increased costs incurred for maintaining customer engagement throughout the purchase process.

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research by Webloyalty

New research commissioned by Webloyalty has revealed that it now takes twice as long as it did ten years ago to purchase big ticket items such as washing machines for the home. It now takes an average of more than ten days (10.3) to buy these big items, up from 5.2 days a decade ago. This includes five and a half days devoted to browsing and research prior to purchase.

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The process for making purchases in the home retail market (DIY, electrical, furniture and home-ware) has been elongated substantially due to the massive rise in multichannel shopping. New research revealed that the use of multiple channels for research, browsing and purchasing has more than quadrupled in the past ten years.

new challenges for retailers

While posing new challenges, these changes in shopping behaviour also offer new opportunities for customer engagement. Guy Chiswick, Managing Director of Webloyalty UK explains: “Consumers now spend 34% more time on shopping for fashion than they did ten years ago. Taken alongside the increasing use of online channels by consumers as part of this process, this offers the opportunity for brands to ‘personalise’ the purchase experience.

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engaging with customers

Engaging with shoppers throughout the whole purchase process is vital. This includes connecting with the consumer in the time between each phase of the purchase process. Email updates, information on next seasons trends or targeted offers to customers between ‘click’ and ‘collect’ will all make a difference.”

Here at Webloyalty, the team believes that the use of multiple channels means that retailers need to adapt in order to provide their customers with a seamless shopping experience. Do you agree?

Research: Webloyalty | Thriving in a Multichannel World: Home Retail

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