Webloyalty reading list – 17 January

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Artificial Intelligence, future retail predictions, lingerie ecommerce and voice search. Webloyalty's picks for great retail reads this week. 3 predictions for the future of retail – from the CEO of Walmart World Economic Forum "It's up to retailers to adapt to the changing retailing environment and in some areas even lead the way, or they'll fall behind and disappear" says Walmart CEO Doug McMillon. What is going to happen in 2017 AVC.com Fred Wilson's predictions are always great. The best [...]

The future of online fashion retail is already here

2016-04-27T11:11:25+00:00 11th February 2016|Ecommerce, Fashion, The future of retail|

There’s good news for the UK retailing fashion industry as the clothing and accessories market is expected to reach a value of £46bn by 2017 (up 19% from 2012), according to Fashion retail 2014 – The future of fashion retailing in a digital age. While the last few years have been challenging, they’ve spurred many innovations as retailers worked to meet new consumer demands, such as online shopping. […]

Retailers take heed; slow fashion is on the rise

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While most fashion retailers continue to dance to the drum of the changing seasons, a growing number of consumers are looking for a more sustainable and ethical approach to revamping their wardrobe. In a connected world, shoppers are increasingly aware of unfair labour practices in developing countries brought on by the demand for cheap and fast-produced clothing, opening the door to slow fashion. What is slow fashion? […]