Webloyalty reading list – 17 January

2017-01-17T10:44:50+00:00 17th January 2017|Ecommerce, Fashion, Future of retail, Online Shopping, Reading list, Retail News, Shopping|

Artificial Intelligence, future retail predictions, lingerie ecommerce and voice search. Webloyalty's picks for great retail reads this week. 3 predictions for the future of retail – from the CEO of Walmart World Economic Forum "It's up to retailers to adapt to the changing retailing environment and in some areas even lead the way, or they'll fall behind and disappear" says Walmart CEO Doug McMillon. What is going to happen in 2017 AVC.com Fred Wilson's predictions are always great. The best [...]

How AI will change the retail experience

2017-01-18T15:10:00+00:00 12th January 2017|Future of retail, Online Shopping, Retail News, Unfaithful Consumer|

The rise of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) is happening right now at a retailer near you Consumer habits have changed dramatically in the last decade. Bricks-and-mortar and online retailers have undergone profound transformations and will continue to evolve thanks to innovations pulled straight out of sci-fi novels. Machine learning, neural nets and AI are becoming buzzwords in the industry as they help simplify the shopping experience whilst increasing efficiency and reducing costs for retailers. A window into consumers’ minds Today’s [...]

Good shopping experience remains key driver of consumer loyalty

2016-04-29T15:51:57+00:00 29th April 2016|Online Shopping, Research, Retail News|

It would be easy to forget in this age of online shopping that a positive experience remains essential to capture and retain consumer loyalty. That’s one of the key findings in Webloyalty’s most recent report, The Unfaithful Consumer. With more than 50% of consumers saying they decide where to shop based on their personal experience, retailers must resist the temptation to “pare back on investment into retail to focus more on convenience and multi-channel shopping,” warns the report. […]

Can UK retailers recapture the heart of the unfaithful consumer?

2016-04-27T11:09:22+00:00 9th March 2016|Online Shopping, Research|

According to Webloyalty’s most recent report, The Unfaithful Consumer, this is a time of unprecedented change for UK retailers. Today’s shoppers are better educated, want value for money, use many tools to do their research, and are more time-strapped than ever. Perhaps even more importantly, they now control the retail exchange and are not afraid to voice their dissatisfaction, spelling potential trouble for UK retailers. […]

Retail stores are losing ground

2016-11-07T14:06:10+00:00 20th March 2013|Online Shopping, Webloyalty|

This week, the Webloyalty team discusses the reason why there have been so many stores that have lost momentum. It has been quite apparent that the number of retail stores shutting on our high streets in recent years is growing. In the UK, the number of stores has fallen by around 40,000 over the last decade due to the recession and changing consumer habits.  […]

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