Five APAC retail trends we can learn from

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The Asia-Pacific region (APAC) is one of the most populated regions on earth and as well as one of the most diverse. The challenges that nations of the APAC demand creative thinking on the part of retailers due to the extreme demographics present in the region. With gaps in wealth, access to technology, and living standards varying wildly across the area, the retail industry is forced to think differently. Yet these challenges mean the industry has become extremely adept at [...]

Webloyalty appoints Ben Stirling as Managing Director, Northern Europe

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Webloyalty has bolstered its senior leadership team with the appointment of Ben Stirling as Managing Director, Northern Europe. Joining the company from Expedia Partner Solutions, Ben has extensive knowledge of building effective partnerships and managing the successful growth of new divisions. Prior to this, Ben’s previous role was in digital marketing as a director of sales for a London search marketing agency. With a proven track record in driving business growth through eCommerce, Ben will be responsible for continuing to [...]

MasterCard Selfie Payment Verification – Digital Innovation no. 6

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Technology that was once only seen on the silver screen is now commonplace on a mobile phone, sitting in your back pocket. Both Android and iOS mobiles have biometric capabilities, and 2017 was the year that MasterCard latest digital innovation saw fit to put this cutting-edge technology to good use and end the bane of the digital age: trying to remember passwords. With identity theft and hacking so common in online retail, consumers are continually told to choose unique passwords [...]