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Online shopping on the rise for Christmas this year

Despite a fairly stagnant economy, UK retailers can look forward to a slightly higher level of gift spending from consumers this year with a rise of just under 2%, according to Webloyalty’s 2016 report on UK Christmas Trends. Overall, shoppers are expected to spend £16.7 billion this Christmas with many opting for online solutions. On average, it will take consumers 9.7 hours to spend their overall budget of £459, which is divided among gifts and groceries. Nearest and dearest still [...]

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Service is most likely factor to cause customer defection

In the last few years, UK retailers have invested money, time and energy to respond to the changing needs and wants of consumers. But despite their efforts, almost 75% of consumers are dissatisfied with some aspect of the shopping experience, according to Webloyalty’s latest report, The Unfaithful Consumer. It seems that in their quest to multiply channels and touch-points, many retailers have forgotten the most important aspect of all: good customer service. […]

UK retailers should better target Black Friday discounts

Black Friday sales are expected to reach almost £1.7 billion this year, according to Webloyalty’s 2016 report on UK Christmas Trends, with a much more modest growth of 5.4% compared to 20% in 2015. This 25 November is set to be a start point for Christmas shopping for many UK shoppers again this year as 70% plan to buy all, most or some of their gifts on that day. That said, there’s seems to be a shift in consumer perceptions [...]

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Time for UK retailers to rethink where they spend their ad budget

When asked what tools they use to make purchase decisions, UK consumers put online research (57%), word of mouth from friends (56%) and personal experience (51%) at the very top of the list, according to Webloyalty’s report, The Unfaithful Consumer. So why are retailers still spending 50% of their marketing budget, which reached £15.8 billion in 2015, on television, print, outdoor, radio and cinema advertisements? […]

Focusing on non-retail activities can bolster revenues

UK retailers put a lot of time and effort developing and investing in their core business. But nowadays, consumers spend a growing portion of their disposable income on non-shopping activities such as eating out and other leisure pursuits. In such a climate, retailers who dare to branch out into non-traditional areas and leverage their existing relationship with consumers can win big. That’s one of the key findings in Webloyalty’s most recent report, The Unfaithful Consumer. […]

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