Deliveroo Roobox – Number four in the Digital Innovations Report

Deliveroo’s 2017 was not without controversy. Like most app-based delivery services, there has been a fair amount of criticism around their business model. But Deliveroo’s recent innovative decision – to go from simply the delivery service for food to food producer as well – has seen it step away from market competitors and break the mobile app mould for fulfil consumer demands. The Roobox is a delivery-only kitchen, where chefs work to produce some of the most popular foods that [...]

2018-02-13T13:31:39+00:00 13th February 2018|Digital Retail Innovation|

Digital Retail Innovation number three – Amazon Logistics

Amazon Logistics, the arm responsible for the delivery of products bought from the online retailer, really is bringing the future to the world of e-commerce in the UK. Jeff Bezos’ company already holds patents for flying warehouses that hold drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), to deploy consumers’ orders within minutes of them being placed. Doing away with the brick-and-mortar of traditional shops and warehouses, Amazon has quite literally decided that the sky is their limit. Retail innovation continues to [...]

2018-02-16T12:08:40+00:00 10th February 2018|Digital Retail Innovation|

Improve your revenue with cross-sell

As with all facets of modern life, the internet has dramatically changed the world of business. The ease with which consumers can turn away from a business to find a better deal elsewhere – anywhere – has resulted in falling profit margins on the traditional, core products of most companies. In turn, this has led to businesses implementing increasingly creative methods to push up their revenue in order to survive. One of the most successful methods has been the cross-sell. [...]

2018-02-05T09:10:49+00:00 31st January 2018|Secondary revenue|

Amazon Go debuted the first checkout-less store – Retail Innovations Number Two

Photo Credit JJ Merelo Amazon debuted the first Amazon Go store last Monday, but does it live up to expectations? reaching second place in our digital retail innovations Amazon continued to streamline the retail experience to make shopping and buying goods ever easier. In another step towards an effortless shopping experience, Amazon Go treats consumers to their first taste of Amazon’s “Just Walk Out Shopping” approach where customers do just that; pick what they want and walk out of the store. [...]

2018-01-24T15:30:19+00:00 24th January 2018|Digital Retail Innovation|

Amazon Echo – Number One in the Digital Innovations Report

The demand from consumers for innovation in the retail industry has never been higher. This year, as has been the case for years, we saw retailers respond with resilience. The innovation of key e-commerce giants, Amazon among then, has maximized revenue even during a year of uncertain and unpredictable economic weather. Amazon’s large retail presence within the United Kingdom and abroad has gained further traction in 2017, with the continued increasing sales of the item crowned as the number one [...]

2018-01-22T10:28:35+00:00 22nd January 2018|Digital Retail Innovation|
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