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Don’t count physical retail destinations out just yet

In recent years, UK retailers have worked hard to offer consumers a broader variety of channels and touchpoints to accommodate their shopping needs. But what impact has this had on bricks-and-mortar shops? Are they still relevant in the age of ecommerce? […]

Technology, double-edged sword for consumer loyalty

More than any other factor, technology has changed the face of the UK retail industry in the last decade. Consumers today “have much more choice over how and where they shop, mostly thanks to the rise of online and digital,” shows Webloyalty’s most recent report, The Unfaithful Consumer. Connected retailers also have access to markets that are broader than ever before. But with this many opportunities to be disloyal, what can retailers do to capture and retain consumer loyalty? The key, [...]

2016-06-29T13:25:29+00:00 29th June 2016|Unfaithful Consumer|

Good shopping experience remains key driver of consumer loyalty

It would be easy to forget in this age of online shopping that a positive experience remains essential to capture and retain consumer loyalty. That’s one of the key findings in Webloyalty’s most recent report, The Unfaithful Consumer. With more than 50% of consumers saying they decide where to shop based on their personal experience, retailers must resist the temptation to “pare back on investment into retail to focus more on convenience and multi-channel shopping,” warns the report. […]

2016-04-29T15:51:57+00:00 29th April 2016|Online Shopping, Research, Retail News|

Rise of National Living Wage not all gloom and doom for retailers

Since 1 April 2016, workers 25 and above must be paid £7.20 an hour (up from £6.50) in a series of gradual increases culminating with a National Living Wage of £9 an hour by 2020. The change is likely to be very popular with the affected 1.3 million workers but what does it mean for retailers and, more importantly, how can retailers implement the change positively?  […]

The connected traveller

According to Digital Destinations, a report by Webloyalty, creating a connected seamless experience before and during holidays leads to benefits for both consumers and travel retailers as satisfied customers are more likely to be loyal, interested in purchasing add-on products, and willing to repeat the experience. […]

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